20150113_190438 Sometimes a water loss isn’t that bad. Maybe your grabbed some towels or even sucked the water up with a shop vac. You set the box fan and thought, “that ought to do it!”You could very well be right; but what if? What if the water went under the cabinets? What if the water ran under the linoleum? What if, can be taken care of by calling a professional and having the area checked for free. Is your piece of mind worth free service?

Sometimes a water loss is that bad. When you know that you’re in over your head, call a professional water restoration contractor. Your home is far to big of an investment to leave to chance. Leading Edge will use the proper meters and moisture detection to confidently identify all of the wet areas in your home. We have developed great relationships with the insurance companies and can help guide you through the claims process, answer all of your questions, and help bring your home to pre-loss condition.