indexWhen disaster hits the gulf coast your ability to react effectively, dictates the amount of time you have to stop and reverse the effects of water and mold damage to your property.

Making decisions now, before the storm, will put you on the road to saving thousands of dollars in restoration costs. Leading Edge LLC can help you stop and begin to roll back the damages caused by catastrophic storm loss.

With Leading Edge, your needs are our mission. Over 15yrs experience in storm loss restoration and up to date equipment and education.

Our commitment to customer service and quality restoration practice is second to none. We give you 21st century technology with customer service done the way it should be. The need for power in these tough times is one of the hardest hills to climb. We have a working agreement with Fabick Power Systems to supply us with portable power for the duration of our service needs. This ability alone sets Leading Edge apart from our residential/rental property restoration competition

Now is the time to make your plan. If you wait until the damage is done then you will have to get in line. Make Leading Edge a part of your plan and move to the front of the line. We’re in this together!

Storm Loss Response Program

Leading Edge specializes in mold remediation & water restoration/mitigation. L.E. is IICRC certified and fully insured.

Sign up for our Emergency Response Program using the form below or call toll free: 844 847 3709

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